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So, I’ve been interviewing people who were involved with Who’s Emma.

Here is a sample of questions I’ve been asking people:

Introductory – When and why did you get involved with Who’s Emma? Where are you from? How did being situated in Kensington Market influence Who’s Emma (or how is the market significant in relation to Who’s Emma)? Who is Emma?

Organization – How were decisions made at Who’s Emma? What were some of the committees, were you on any of these committees? Did it seem like there was a boss or key organizers? Why did Who’s Emma last as long as it did?

Issues – What did you think of the Snapple fridge? What did you think of the major label record debate? What did you think of woman’s day? Was political activism or the punk scene (subculture) more of a priority for you? How were these different interests an issue sometimes at Who’s Emma? Why did Who’s Emma close?

What now? – Are there any organizations or projects that developed out of Who’s Emma? How has Kensington Market changed since the days of Who’s Emma? What do you do now?


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