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Lately I’ve been facing issues around converting footage. I’ve been lucky enough to get my hands on some analog footage – 16mm of Who’s Emma and Kensington Market and recently some hi8 videos of shows that happened in the basement of Who’s Emma. But when it comes to digitizing this footage I’m at a bit of a loss… it’s complicated. I have to consider old technologies I’m not familiar with and bother people who might be able to help me. It’s not that I’m opposed to learning how to operate a film projector, I just get stressed out thinking about the process and methods of making things digital. ALL THINGS DIGITAL. 

Also, I’m trying to cut costs. I know I can take 16mm film and hi8 videos to be converted to miniDV tapes or DVDs but that costs big bucks. I want to do it myself. So, I’m just going to project the film and record it on miniDV and with the hi8 videos I think I have a line on a hi8 camera that has digital output via firewire. So there, I can do it. But this conversion business is such a headache. I just want to watch and use this old footage. Now. Maybe my impatience is a sign of the digital times. We all want access to media immediately.

I wonder what the notorious luddite who used to hang out at Who’s Emma (Mr. Rosenberg?) would think of my technological woes…


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