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I’m sorry that it’s been over two weeks since I’ve posted on here. I’ve been way too distracted.

There has been some progess though. I’ve been transfering lots of footage from shows in the basement of Who’s Emma, which has been entertaining. Thanks to Mike H for taping these shows and allowing me to use his footage. I may post some video clips soon. The Dropdead show/debate is the most exciting so far. If anyone remembers the incident with the dog and leather jackets – please get in touch.

I’m still working on securing a space for the exhibition… My top choice right now is the Toronto Free Gallery… but I haven’t heard from them. The first Who’s Emma location is for rent right now, I’ve been meaning to call to find out how much it is. Maybe I could live there and sublet my room until the exhibition in June/July (NO WAY). That spot would be perfect though. Very authentic.

I think Stephe Perry is going to take me on a tour of punk sites in Kensington Market sometime soon. I’ll try to map out these sites once I have a better idea of where they are. It’s going to be a video tour, so I can post that too.

So much to do, I’d better go.


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