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These videos are from Mike H:

Los Crudos in the basement at Who’s Emma, 1998. I don’t know what this song is called. I’m definitely going to post more from this show because it seems like it was a very important show as far as shows at Who’s Emma go – people always mention it… plus, the stage banter is totally interesting – lots of political commentary between songs and even talk about events that were going on in Toronto at the time.

400 Years. I used to be obsessed with this band. I really like this song, “Transmit Failure” and the album with the same name. Do people call this “screamo”? I don’t want to call it that; maybe that discription works, but I don’t like it. Looking at people in the crowd and their style is a major throw back to the late 1990s. Backpacks and big pants.

The Swarm. This show seems like it was totally exciting. Katie falls down and then people pick her up. MOSH.

I will post more of this show with Dropdead footage and even bits of the debate over wearing leather and bringing dogs to shows.

Again, thanks to Mike for documenting this stuff. Now that I’ve figured out that I need to be patient when I upload videos to the internet, and have sorta got the compression business figured out, more videos will make it to this blog. Maybe even some of my art videos – oh no, just kidding. Those won’t make it to the internet, don’t worry. But previews of the introductory video I’m making on Who’s Emma will be posted, small bits of interviews, and other relevent things.


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