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As of today, this is the list of people I’ve done video interviews with:

Evan Clarke

Tara  Bursey

Alan O’Connor

Bennet Jones-Phillips

Graeme Flint

John McDonald

Irina Ceric

Stephe Perry

Mike Haliechuk

Ben Donoghue

Kristyn Dunnion

and on Monday I will be interviewing/talking with Jim Munroe.

Who’s missing from this list of Who’s Emma characters? A number of people. I won’t be able to talk to everyone though unfortunately.

I am conscious of the fact that the current list of participants is predominantly male and realize this probably does not represent the gender ratio of those who were involved at Who’s Emma. So I am trying to outreach specifically to the women who were a part of Who’s Emma.

On another note, here is what was documented as having happened at Who’s Emma in November 1996:



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  1. This is hilarious! That’s my handwriting with the “drugged and stripped naked” threat. I used to work friday nights with Laura and Lorraine at the old store and some mornings when we moved across the street. I cannot believe this is a thesis project for history. I’m so fucking old!

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