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Here is a video I made using voice-over bits from the variety of interviews I’ve done with people who were involved with Who’s Emma:

The 16mm footage is by Alan O’connor from 1999.

I was going to describe the video as a “cacophony of composite voices,” but then I realized that cacophony implies negative connotations (dissonance/disharmony/dischord). I don’t think the collection of voices is especially noisey even, just a blending together of expressed opinions.

This definition of cacophony is pretty interesting though:


1656, from Gk. kakophonia, from kakophonos “harsh sounding,” from kakos “bad, evil” + phone “voice” (see fame). Kako- was a common prefix in Gk., and has often crossed over into Eng., e.g. cacography, the opposite of calligraphy (q.v.). Etymologists connect it with PIE *kakka- “to defecate.”
I’ll try to properly use this word in the written component of my thesis for sure.

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