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It’s December and it’s getting to the point where I have almost 20 hours of footage to go through to edit into a 20 minute piece – so I think I should stop with the interviews soon. Of course I keep trying to get in touch with people… we’ll see… I probably will end up doing some interviews in the new year…

The latest interviews were with Katie Whittaker and Sandra Jeepesen. And I think on Monday I have a date with Lisa McLean…

Here are some posters I got from Kaite:

Thanks Katie.


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  1. Hey i’m trying to click on the author’s link to access an email but it doesn’t seem to work. Anyways, I’d be into offering any info especially since alot of what seems to be posted is more punk/crust/pc but that place was more (for my friends and I) about Hardcore and sXe. I wrote a shitty blog here:

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