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I don’ t have much to report besides this quote someone told me yesterday about editing video – “you have to kill your babies.”

I’m struggling with killing my babies.

And beyond editing, I’m still figuring out venues and how to turn the screening into a landmark event. I’m going to need some help…

Also, I’m reading Jacques Attali’s Noise: The Political Economy of Music and it’s fascinating.



  1. Lyndall,

    Have you tried the TRANZAC yet? They’re horrible with returning email, so maybe you could just go in person…

    Also, Cinecycle? What’s the word on them these days?

    Good luck. I’ll keep my brain peeled…


    • I heard that the Tranzac is really expensive to book. Cinecycle, on the other hand, I’ve heard is rather affordable…. I’m going to look into it… !

      Thanks T!!!

  2. Hey, I work at Supermarket(the club up the way on Augusta), and depending on the night you want to do this, I could talk to my boss and get you the venue. 350 capacity, great room, etc.

    Feel free to hit me up if this sounds of interest to you. peter.mahoney AT

  3. trash palace. a theater, punk space. perfect place

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