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Who made these posters? Does anyone know? I’d like to give whoever made them credit if possible. Poster artists hardly ever get recognition for the work they do.

Giving credit is so important but difficult in a situation like this with such a chaotic and haphazard archive project. Trying to organize the ephemeral traces of a punk anarchist collective is hard. It’s stressful. There are so many names and things to keep track of, or to try to identify and place things in a clear context. Like figuring out when things happened – people rarely put the year on posters. They just write “Thursday June 11th” or whatever date without the year. So for me to try to fit these artifacts into chronological is rather challenging. Maybe I shouldn’t be so hung up on the order of things – I should embrace the randomness. I could just pick my favorite posters and throw them up on the wall. Easy. It’s subjective. It’s art. But it’s also a documentary project that involves a WHOLE LOT of other people’s work and life experience and identity and community. Oh my goodness. Historical references and obligations are heavy.

ANYWAY, just so y’all know – there’s more to this project than making a documentary video (you might say film – but it’s not a film) on Who’s Emma, it’s also an exhibition of all sorts of artifacts including posters, fliers, and minutes from meetings of the collective. There also are a few events that will be based out of the exhibition space, so there is a participatory aspect to things that hopefully ties in the collective nature of the subject matter.

Here’s something exciting – Stephe Perry from Equalizing Distort will be the tour guide for the punk walking tour of Kensington Market set for Tuesday, June 16th at 7 pm.


Also, who is the boy in this photo? And who took the photo?


What a precious image.

More info on events and the screening to come soon – there’s a fancy promotional poster in the works…



  1. The Kid is Darrin’s son. I forget his name. He was the youngest Who’s Emma punk for sure. He had a sweet mohawk at one point.

  2. Yes, Darrin’s son….name coming back to me…thinking Paul? – but I’m pretty sure I took the pic, I remember the day clearly(ish):) Bennett—been trying to find you!! Changed your number and I don’t have your email.I’m living in Scandinavia Email me:
    Jen Thomlison

  3. I’m fairly certain his name is Matthew.

  4. i’m gonna go out on a limb and say that the haymarket riot/kolya/blue light blockade poster was designed by shaw-han liem (aka shaw-han, evan clarke, and myself were blue light blockade from about 98-2002-ish. I don’t really remember that show but that is classic shaw-han poster styles ca. 2000.

    (amazing blog!)

  5. no those dates are totally wrong. my memory is garbage. BLB was earlier, probably more like 96-2000.

  6. Hi there,
    Points go to G Meyers… “That boy in the photo” is my son, Matt. His dad is Darrin and he has two fantastic, dedicated step-parents, Kelly and my partner, John. All four parents raised him in an environment centred around social justice. Matt is now 18 years old, an avid canoeist and kayaker, and is interested in ecology. I think he’d do Emma proud. He’s a wonderful kid. Additional points go to Jen for taking such a great picture. I’d love to know what he was “quoting” during the shot.
    — Laurie

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