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Who made this?


I found this comic strip in collection of Who’s Emma stuff Alan O’Connor had saved. There are no names on it besides “Martin and Ryan” and I have no idea if this is a reference to real people. If anyone knows who drew this, please let me know. It’s pretty awesome and I’d like to put this lovely artifact in the Remember Who’s Emma exhibition.

To the clarify date and time of the opening/screening, there will be a reception from 5-7 pm on Thursday June 11th, and the screening (in the rather small gallery space with not-so-fancy projection and audio) will start promptly at 7pm. This is all happening at 165 Augusta Ave., also known as Project 165. There will be a celebration afterward and a punk DJ dance party to follow at Teranga, the African bar just down the street. I probably will be reiterating this information over the next few weeks to make it extremely clear for everyone.

Also, if anyone has any Who’s Emma footage, or photos, or hilarious notes or fliers – please send them along to me. This is the last call for things to be included in the video… there may be a chance I could squeeze things into the exhibition over the next couple weeks however, so go look for stuff in your closets or old scrapbooks/shoe boxes.

Thanks very much. Have a nice day.


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