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Dates for screenings of the Remember Who’s Emma video are as follows:

Tuesday June 23rd – 8:30pm 6pm, National Film Board of Canada, 150 John St., Toronto

Wednesday June 24th – 6:30 pm, Rogers Communications Center, room 204, Ryerson University (the corner of Church St. and Gould St.), Toronto

Thursday June 25th – 1 pm, Rogers Communications Center, room 204, (same as above)

The Tuesday screening at the NFB is in a very small theatre and so entry will be limited. If people are able to attend the Wednesday or Thursday screenings, I would really recommend going on these days because there will be plenty of seating.

All screenings are FREE.
And I should probably also point out that these are group screenings with other students’ work. However, on Tuesday and Thursday Remember Who’s Emma is first on the agenda and there will be some other interesting film/video works following it. On Wednesday evening my video will be screened second – so when you show up there probably will be another work playing in the theatre, but go on and sit down because there’s only a minute between each film/video.

On another note, thanks to those who came out to the discussion yesterday in the exhibition space. There were only about 9 of us, but it was still an egaging and critical discussion. THANKS. I’ll post more about it soon…


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