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Huge scope:

Social and historical grounding to “Remember Who’s Emma”

1. Social context in the 1990s – The decade punk broke (again)

2. The Toronto scene – and who is Emma?

2. 1. The Temporary Autonomous Zone (TAZ) vs. social anarchism

2. 2. The paradox of anarchist retail

2. 3. Youth identity production: Self Representation and media representation

2. 4. Events (shows and meetings) – rites of passage and turning points for Who’s Emma

2. 5. Waning collective participation: No future?

2. 6. Closing frustrations, but punk success in failure

3. Conclusion(s) to the social and historical grounding of Who’s Emma

Production process of the “Remember Who’s Emma” documentary project
4. Video catalyst – mobilization tool and historical record
5. Initial ideas: a participatory video database/archive documentary project
6. The value of narrative and tension between “Documentary” and new media

7. A new media resolution of expository and participatory documentary modes

8. Exhibition and events – the sociability of place

9. Dissemination and networking – creating a virtual place for Who’s Emma


It was important and pivotal in peoples lives. End.


My defense is on Tuesday. I’m still in the process of reviewing and compiling the footage of the punk walking tour and the show that happened in the exhibition space. I will definitely post videos of those events soon. There’s some good footage, or at least I get a kick out of it.



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