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Check out for more details on the festival this project is a part of.

The exhibition component of the Remember Who’s Emma project is now over. If you missed it, I soon will compile bits of photo and video documentation of the events and installation so you can get a sense of what it was like.



Dates for screenings of the Remember Who’s Emma video are as follows:

Tuesday June 23rd – 8:30pm 6pm, National Film Board of Canada, 150 John St., Toronto

Wednesday June 24th – 6:30 pm, Rogers Communications Center, room 204, Ryerson University (the corner of Church St. and Gould St.), Toronto

Thursday June 25th – 1 pm, Rogers Communications Center, room 204, (same as above)

The Tuesday screening at the NFB is in a very small theatre and so entry will be limited. If people are able to attend the Wednesday or Thursday screenings, I would really recommend going on these days because there will be plenty of seating.

All screenings are FREE.
And I should probably also point out that these are group screenings with other students’ work. However, on Tuesday and Thursday Remember Who’s Emma is first on the agenda and there will be some other interesting film/video works following it. On Wednesday evening my video will be screened second – so when you show up there probably will be another work playing in the theatre, but go on and sit down because there’s only a minute between each film/video.

On another note, thanks to those who came out to the discussion yesterday in the exhibition space. There were only about 9 of us, but it was still an egaging and critical discussion. THANKS. I’ll post more about it soon…



See you this evening. Hopefully it’s not too rainy.

And thanks to all who came out to the punk walking tour on Tuesday, it was awesome. More on the tour later…

The walking tour is set to take place on Tuesday, June 16th at 7pm. We’re meeting at 66.5 Nassau St. – the site of the original Who’s Emma, which is almost at the corner of Nassau and Augusta in the market.

Unfortunately, the exhibition at Project 165 will only be open from noon to 4pm on Tuesday, so those who were planning on seeing the installation and video during the walking tour time – sorry, you’ll have to check it out during Project 165’s open hours:

Tuesday to Saturday, noon – 4pm.

Otherwise you can just peep in the window. And yes, the original sign made by Will Munro is clearly visible in the window! With all that weird anti-straightedge nonsense scribbled on it, it’s definitely a unique Toronto punk artifact.

Also, don’t forget that there is a show in the exhibition space on Thursday, June 18thcognate presents A History Of (Halifax), Tomcat Combat (Halifax), Ancestors (Toronto), and Place Hands (Toronto). 6:30 pm (EARLY SHOW)

Food Not Bombs are serving food.


Here is some documentation of the opening/screening event:

The opening/screening was yesterday and I think it went rather well. Sorry about the technical difficulties with the projector at the beginning of the screening. I’m really glad people toughed it out in the cramped and smelly room to wait for things to be sorted out. Thanks for your patience. It was encouraging to see so many people come out and hang around for a second screening even, whoa. Positive vibes.

And thanks to the DJs, and Bennett especially, who got things together and played tunes at Teranga for the after party.

Here is a write up of the project and an interview with me: check it out


I’m very busy and trying not to have a heart attack, but the installation at Project 165 is going well. The opening/screening is very soon – Thursday!

Here is the flier for the after party:


Tara Bursey made this, as she has made all posters for this project. Thanks Tara.

Also, Tara has posted a very worthwhile, but kind of premature critique of the Remember Who’s Emma video here. Keep in mind that discussion of my process and work that is presented at the exhibition is definitely open to critique and any kind of feedback – this is why I’ve planned the (in person/real life) artist talk/discussion for Saturday June 20th.

See you Thursday!


Poster by Tara Bursey

Here’s Nine Shocks Terror performing “Make your point” at Who’s Emma. One of the guitarists says some positive things about Who’s Emma:

Maybe you noticed the layout of this blog is different and that the large, nicely sized photos don’t fit very well into this interface… well, I’m trying to make it work and also make it more aesthetically pleasing. I got sick of the old design.

Anyway, I did two interviews with on-line magazines over the past couple of days on the Who’s Emma project. We’ll see how they turn out… I’ll make links when they are released.

Also, I just made a facebook group called “Who’s Emma Appreciation Society“… you can join it.

Who made this?


I found this comic strip in collection of Who’s Emma stuff Alan O’Connor had saved. There are no names on it besides “Martin and Ryan” and I have no idea if this is a reference to real people. If anyone knows who drew this, please let me know. It’s pretty awesome and I’d like to put this lovely artifact in the Remember Who’s Emma exhibition.

To the clarify date and time of the opening/screening, there will be a reception from 5-7 pm on Thursday June 11th, and the screening (in the rather small gallery space with not-so-fancy projection and audio) will start promptly at 7pm. This is all happening at 165 Augusta Ave., also known as Project 165. There will be a celebration afterward and a punk DJ dance party to follow at Teranga, the African bar just down the street. I probably will be reiterating this information over the next few weeks to make it extremely clear for everyone.

Also, if anyone has any Who’s Emma footage, or photos, or hilarious notes or fliers – please send them along to me. This is the last call for things to be included in the video… there may be a chance I could squeeze things into the exhibition over the next couple weeks however, so go look for stuff in your closets or old scrapbooks/shoe boxes.

Thanks very much. Have a nice day.